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"Don't just play it. Build it."

Designing Video Games with Bloxels

Bloxels is an app that allows children to build and play their own video games through simple coding. Bloxels can be accessed through a browser as well.  The kids are not just playing video games, they are designing them from start to finish. Then, they publish their video games to the online Bloxels arcade. Now, other students can access their games and play them. 

Our students in grade 6 and 7 are working hard in technology class and on their own at home to plan, design, animate, and power up their characters for their games. They will also create their backgrounds for their games, add collectibles, and incorporate a theme for their video games based on content taught in the classrooms. There is a storytelling component to Bloxels that allows students to share concepts they have learned in creative ways. This is a very empowering experience for our students and they are so excited. 

girl on a computer
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student building a character
student building a character
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